Anxious Anteater

This page describes living with social phobia and specifically fear of judgement of others.
These fears make the most ordinary situations terrifying. It makes me sometimes want to pee my pants rather than go to the toilet, where people are talking in front of the door.
It brings me completely down in a “fun”day out with my best friend, because I am afraid she will discover that I am not so nice as she thought. And ofcourse a total terrified person is not so much fun as thought.
These are just some examples. I know that everybody has struggles, but I feel like social fears have yet to become more openly discussable. I feel like this topic of social anxiety is a problem that many people have in different intensities, but it has yet to become a socially accepted topic for daily life.
So this is my humble step to make social phobia more of a public topic… and what is a better way of making something public than blogging it!